The year so far...

Started with a bang, still reeling from quitting a stable academic job and a part-time source for a career switch that comes like once in a blue moon, I had to convince myself more than my people that I am doing the right thing. I did not know if what I was doing was all great and sensible and where I will be headed for is purely hazy and horizontally blinding.
Corporate, the more said the lesser, Madhur Bhandarkar tried his lil' best to show us,forgettable movie it was!
Two months zoomed past, lots of lethargy seeped in with the freebies and the flexibilities. The bubble burst for some of my friends.A lil' bad I felt and the continuous friction of egos and skills is the baggage.
My M.Phil. results came thru' and I missed the Ph.D thing by a whisker, the consolatory pep-talk was I am way too young for this now, I should be reading and writing papers and the like.
I was collecting butterflies and cooking stories for self-preservation. Dad used to wonder what is it that holds her attention, the span is painfully small and short!!

Came to another city in less than 2 months and so far, my achievements/no-achievements are...
from 2 suitcases to ... grin grin
-from lodgings and food from one cot to one apartment with friends...
-from being a lethargic loser( all potential geniuses are) to an average performer for the world...
-watched so many movies and wrote countless reviews in the mind...
-have taken up writing somewhat seriously, let's see how long and how far I can pull this one :(
-earned a lot of friends, acquaintances from maids to scavengers!!
-added 10kgs to my frail frame,my constitution is not at its best but look-able :)
-have not written a single poem this year which is not me at her poetic spontaneity!!
-retention of my basic wry sense of humor, I still cannot tolerate (p)sycophants(...grrr)
-have learned to forgive and not forget :)
-have made so many resolutions for short term goals
-my childhood seems far from over
-losing track of time is a regular phenomenon...everything is so timeless and frozen :)

...and I am going home for a long vacation with a big mind and a firm heart to take all the brickbats and bouquets, if any from friends and family, students and acquaintances, ex-colleagues and neighbours and also, the little gods and goddesses who I promised to come and meet them when they answered my prayers without me having to keep fasts and rituals.

I love 2007 for what it is, made me a year younger in deciding between insanity and senility, who is a better match??

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