Ma turns a year younger

I have never missed wishing her the 1st, and today...grin,grin :D I forgot about it!!!!!
I recovered in good time, from midnight until 9:30 a.m. I was only that late!! Ok, she might have expected a call from 6:30 am onwards but she knows I do not call in haste or I am not the kind to call someone straight from sleep mode, things do not register you see!! So, she knows I must be caught in the morning ablutions and getting ready to go to work and gobbling my breakfast, I did!
She probably thought I must be dying to call her and to tell you the truth, I am afraid, I did not think of her when I was chattering away with friends at the table.
I came to my desk, was super excited about everything but remembering her birthday,pathetic I am!!
Oh, thank my blessedly forgetful memory I sprang from my chair and screamed to myself, "How could I!"
Sprinted to the pool table and sat down on a settee, balanced a red exercise ball on my legs and dialled home...tring tring...tring tring...
"Give the phone to Ma..."
"...happy birthday to you!"
"Thank you, how are you?"
"Arey, you only asked me this yesterday na before sleeping, Mama!"
"Achha, listen..don't forget to take a sweater or a shawl to your off site and please, do not go anywhere close to anyone drinking, see, it is not nice.You are a girl."
"Arey Ma!!!!!!!!"
" I am fine and don't worry about me, I can take care of myself."
"What are you doing?"
"Preparing shrimps and white gourd curry,"
...blah blah, my college Lab assistant Kong Ivy passed away yesterday, Bunty had her farewell party, Guddu is on study leave and Ma never finishes her stories.

She apparently made Papa a philosopher, that is what Papa says about her.I so much enjoy their love affair until now, almost high school and straight out of a movie!!!

She fell in love with the man I love the mostest in the world and she got him too.Ma believes blindly in him even when there is a point of difference, it's unconditional and you cannot challenge. And, I have seen my hero fidget and trying to hold his tears over phone informing me of some surgery she had to undergo. Those were moments I felt oh-so-helpless and useless, at times.

She always felt she has not done enough for us, I beg to differ.She always feels she is not good enough, she can be better.Ma, I cannot tell you enough how much you are the best gift to me.Sometimes, I weep in the quietude of solitude for all my callous unreasonable behaviour and your extreme tolerance.I am sorry if I did not hug you as I was leaving home because I am not strong enough to see you cry and smile in my tears.

You are the reason for everything that I am.

You are the reason for Papa to be my hero.

You are the reason why my phone rings 4 times a day.

You are the reason for a thousand things that my life means.

Happy Birthday Ma!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice one!!

Have a wonderful birthday "Ma"