Kolkata stop-over

it was a whirlwind tour of sorts!! i have a phenomenal habit of excess baggage in all my travels.
landed in misty kolkata in a lazy afternoon and took a cab-ride to Suchi's house;her hand drawn Google Map look alike was a huge help, the primary motto was not to get cheated by the cabbies!kakima was pleasantly surprised to see us at her doorstep without having to call her for directions, hehe!
How i hogged in the next few hours, fish,fish and fish, hot piping/steaming rice straight from the cooker and dal with dhania. the bori and fish curry was amazing and also the chingri bhaja and the mustard fish curry and the fish fries!and the tomato tok and the payesh, kakima we love you!!!!
we yapped and yapped while rasika slept and slept.
we visited Suchi's aunt's place and the evening stroll did us a lot of good. Retired rather late after lot of eating and chatting.The flight next day seemed like a never ending trip to nowhere!the drive home was fascinating, my favourite willow trees and the princely pines and an auburn glow of the gentle winter sun on oranges and everything was truly amazing.
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