Wabi sabi

They say the lack of a flaw is also a flaw. Perfection is to die/kill for but what about less fortunate im-perfectionists who are not destined or inclined to maintaining that little harmony with perfection.

For many, waiting for the right person and moment has left them with gray hair and fairly wrinkled skin and lost time.We all have our perfect frames. We forget to note that the perfect one is illusive, it's a fallacious chimera promising us something only to force us to compromise with the best alternative.Some make do, some whine and the rest have no idea whatsoever is going on.

For quite a many, compromising with less than good/nice situations and people with the hope of improving/improvising has left them with a bitter taste in their mouths, a nagging sense of dissatisfaction and ah,if only I waited sorts!! But the religious lot that they are, adventure comes seldom easily to them. They fear God, society, their past ghosts and effort.

There are a fortunate lot who have the best things in the world and still stray. Not that there is anything wrong, rather everything goes wrong from there.When all things are right, Murphy's law comes in as the villain. So you have adultery, tempestuous liaisons and cuckolded acquaintances, yoga classes and weight loss programmes.

What defines perfection for someone is relatively something else for another. Seers have advised us not to run after the bubble, it does not last long enough for us to sulk. To be contented is the mantra.
The Buddha identified for us that the root cause of suffering in this world is desire and desire is contagious just like the common cold.

Often, we find his girlfriend not pretty enough and her boyfriend not worthy enough, this couple is fabulous and my gay friend the best mix of a great spouse in the making.And, we also put our best foot forward and imagine endlessly we would have done a better job, the reason being...passing a judgement is so damn easy. I don't know what the thrill is of poking noses in others' affairs and bitching, but all of us do. I don't know what ardent peace we derive but we gossip and malign mortals.I seriously do not know why and why we love to belittle follies and foibles that we don't commit, is it because I am infallible or is it because it did not happen to me?
Whatever is the case, we are a ruthless herd who loves to be a sadistic audience.

The Japanese have taught me Wabi-sabi, to be happy with imperfection, to appreciate beauty in a sore flawed form and to love my worn out shoes and faded dolls.Unconditional acceptance is a huge risk not like the bullion market risks but that's the prize for the price you pay for immense faith in yourself and in the unknown.
So, I forgive myself for all my little failings.
I seek forgiveness for all unintended failings on my part and any misleading provocation.
I overlook all not-happening sick incidents and processes with the knowledge of the Buddha's discovery.
I have never felt this secure in my existence.Tomorrow does not worry me and the day after...
I love my ungainly gawky walk, I adore the nasty pet peeves of my near and dear ones, that is what makes them special.
I love the bad positioning of the mole on my face, let's treat that as a beauty spot, tho' the astrologer said it brings bad luck to me and I will be in eternal sorrow. I think the mole makes me a good chatterbox and a pleasant lover of food.
I love my not-so-good luck, it has given me fairly good things in life to me- health,wealth and happiness for 100 bucks!!
I love my friends even when they make unforgiving mistakes coz someday I might do the same.Our primal instincts are so damn similar, that's why we are friends.
I love this life, I may never have a chance to thank again.


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cyrus said...

a very sobering thought...can sense a a tone of resilience with a cheer of victory... agree with you that understanding wabi- sabi would redefine the yardstick of joy and happiness... keep writing more :)