mixed bag

ho hum,woke up before the alarm, getting the ablutions right is so important, i packed and unpacked my stuff at least 3/4 times just to get economize space.
S- was watching me with her delirious morning sleepy eyes, probably the thought sinking that i will be gone in less than 24 hours, she looked so cute :)
i was racing against time to get my morning purrfect, but missed the yummy dosas and the kokum chutney...had to make do with good ol' cornflakes and healthy fruit ;)
V-my crazy friend, we had high tea together, she is a feisty lady who is paranoid about so many things(i have lost count, actually!), it's time she woke up and shook herself from her midsummer slumber, i will take her shopping, she will wake up with the bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;P
las la bonita, no salsa lessons, late dinner, late nite chats and early morning rush :(...by afternoon, me and my new home, with my new family, hehe!! so much shopping left, and bank balance just diminishing by the minute, me and my spendthrift ways, have to do something about it :(
good weekend, i should have cleared a lot of clutter by Monday and lots to write about, keep inspiring and spread cheer :))
क iran (trying to sign in my signature) yayyy!!! succeeded

a day after...

don't know how many of us watched TV to listen to 52 secs of जन गन मन. It is 6o rocking years with a lady president in tow,wow!! not a pseudo-feminist, just pro-woman and not anti-man either!! Just felt good and gooder, as in better and nicer :)
back home, as usual the magpies enjoyed more freedom than rational self-thinking creatures, the city was clamped down with curfew, it was raining and all working/non-working students, teachers, office-goers, biz folk, cobblers, coolies, road-side tea hawkers, and also, hawkers had a forced holiday...some could have gone fishing and caught up with their tuitions and the rest could have earned one more day's shillings.
here i am, did nothing major or significant, took a pledge to educate/ literate the daughter of the cook of my present lodgings. The idea is as convoluted as my sentence, hope i can achieve that, she knows one language and i know quite some, the problem is there is no LCM, forget HCF :(
trying to cut down on my sleep, which is quite an appetite in itself, hehe!!

saffron,green and white...a day before

it's been ages i saw a live march past,with the biggies taking salute and the sacred yard unfurling and the crushed flowers streaming in the misty air of an early august morning to the sound of the bugle.then 52 seconds of solemnity...lots of doves flying,sweet fragrance of mogra and marigold,dahlia wafting in the air and sweets waiting to be distributed.
now,lived an odd quarter of a century..seen more holidays than independence days,...er...let me rephrase...bandhs and curfews,flags looked good in govt.buildings and universities and VIP cars,today i see festoons,balloons and mini flags of patriotism all over,all around...everywhere and just everywhere...i love my office space today :)
suddenly,everyone is so full of national josh,you can see the saturated and spontaneous feelings of desh bhakti,naah,i am not getting cynical,i just love to see all of us being so nice and nicey on the eve of 15th aug,why can't it be like this the rest of the year??
is progress affected when you are nice and nicey,don't know!!at least,let's stop being pseudo-nice,it's better to be indifferent,honesty still is the best policy in moderation.let's re-inforce the pledge where all indians are my brothers and sisters,yeah actually...
happy independence eve