Girls, ladies,women and shopping

Not to say it is a pet discussion but this is a Freudian challenge why girls love shopping and splurging.I never figured out myself.
I have see 3 generations of women at least who have astoundingly similar waves and fits of shopping.
My paternal granny loved trench coats and high heels, the fact she never wore them is another story but she loved hoarding them by the dozen.And also, shiny leather bags and pouches. With senility such things get a bigger utility value, and grand children can have a windfall.Her heels were chosen and carefully picked by Mom, stylish and elegant, no frills and stuff. After grandpa's death, she never enjoyed shopping as much but loved her quota anyway.It became a routine in the house whenever Mom took the name of shopping, granny used to sit her thru' painful minutes of detailed description and fuss.
Each year, one box of clothes and stuff was added.When she was alive, we got some and after her death, they all went to charity...Dad and the Brahmans believe you should never use anything that belonged to the dear departed.

Mom is a picky Saggitarrian with a Piscean finish who married a Libran with a Taurean attitude.She is not a big spender, she loves her royal stuff that she buys keeping in mind her daughters,heirlooms in waiting.She is a welfare person, not the kind who would make Dad feel the pinch about a dent in his pocket. She is an occasional shopper but she makes sure she does it well, Dad remembers it for a really long time,sometimes albeit grudgingly.

My sister is a brand person.She loves hep stuff and does not care a dime if it costs anyone a bomb or whatever.She gets what she wants, not the persuasive kinds but her sulk says it all.She is not a habitual spender, so her folks won't mind her occasional splurge.

Yours truly is a big time big spender, I do not need an occasion to buy something. Books, ear-rings and clothes, not brand specific but feel good, trendy kinds. I should be kept away, at least 300miles away from any shopping zone and blah blah.I am a compulsive spender and I am happy.People cannot understand why I shop mad.There are others who are madder and bigger shoppers.

For one, shopping is therapeutic and diverting.
It is also a big guilt trip for the self and a point of conflict for the person footing the bill.It could be suicidal also.
Shopping increases your fallen IQ, product knowledge and whims.Shopping gives a certain glow to your flushed face(due to carrying the baggage home) and makes you go over the moon and fall on the earth violating the 1/6th gravity funda.
Shopping is an anti-depressant, when you are low and feeling terrible go to Archies at least, it will make you feel better.Pick up the cards, read the messages, nod your head in agreement and not-up to -the mark kinds.
When you happen to fight with someone/anyone (it could be your folks, spouse, boyfriend,sibling or friend) go to the vegetable market. If you do not have money also you can still ask the price of potato and cauliflower.
I do not recommend/prescribe going to a mall coz whatever I might pick up is under tremendous duress and stress so there is a bigger possibility of me not liking the stuff later on courtesy the nagging feeling that I picked them up when I was off the handle and it has negative vibes and blah blah.
The best form of shopping any day is window-shopping, try the shoes and the clothes, act big and pricey and give full points to the person attending on you and come away with the 15mins of fame literally.Keep telling yourself that you are a princess and you deserve better beautiful-ler things and these things last only an ephemera.
Shopping raises your self-esteem and is a big moral boost. Guys to men will never understand.They prefer hanging around and loitering aimlessly in the by-lanes and other lanes, probably eye-ing a pretty young thing, it comes for free you see!!And when you have the dough to spend, do you need any more reasons than investing in a risky future?
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