Matheran actually concluded

Packing started as much as we unpacked, we retired tired and weary. I just discovered that Luqman and Vardhman got sweet bhuttas for Ramya and I in the afternoon walk, :) don't ask what happened of them!!
Next morning Vardhman and Luqman came to wake us up,before that Supi tried her little best to wake us up, us maane Ramya and I, no avail :) we loved our sleep too much, Supi left the room, I remember bolting the door and jumping into the warmth of my bedsheets and blanket, rainy weather,early morning, what better way to enjoy sleep!!
At around 6, V and L in the same wake-up sequence or different, I am not aware of ,did come up the wooden flight of stairs and asked us about the already aborted plans of morning walk!! I went back to sleep and woke up only at 9:30 or so.Ready to leave Matheran, all set!!
Checked on my fellow travellers downstairs, still half asleep and Vardhman and Luqman also went off to sleep!!Somuda and Supi got chikkis and had breakfast, :( I was hungry, we made do with noise and the excitement. Luqman got the big plastic raincoats for the horse-rides and a dainty swan umby for himself.
We got the final whistle to check out by 11 and reach Neral Station by a given time on horse or no horse.We looked quite a bunch, all in Google gear and all, we bargained and set off at 100 bucks per horse per person with load and horse-mahout. The road was not all that it looked horse -friendly, my lessons in horse-riding are like rudimentary, the balancing and the stirrup and the reins, which directions and the patting are how much i know,seriously!!
His name was Good Boy, nice tawny handsome boy, very calm and ok with new riders, his owner thought I actually knew riding at how I held the reins, only if he knew that I knew that much only.I did all the possible acrobatics of turning around and saying hi/hello to all my fellow travellers back and behind, it was so much fun, GB tolerated all my nonsense and suddenly he began to trot briskly, oh my god!!
I applied the 1st principle, be calm and talk to the horse and pull the reins, and lo! he stopped and went about his way, that 10kg on my back was a pain, but the trot was lovely!! I said bye to all the remaining monkeys I met on the way, the birds and the insects, they behaved nicely with me.
At the market, I attracted unnecessary attention as in "Woh dekho, Chini mem, itni acchi tarah se ghoda pe baithi hai, kya baat hai!" Ok, I dint like that,uhuh!At Neral, I handed over my umby to Ram, farewell my yellow and white umby :( :( :(
The cab-ride was too too good, the dales and the green cover, Mallik took some really nice pics and we left the place with some nice memories. At the train station, Ram, Krishna and Gowtham disappear to have vada -pav and leave my umby at the shop conveniently, and I realise that after taking the train :( :(
Luqman fed us with lovely bhuttas again.
We played shoe-shoe in the platform, everyone stopped to watch the game esp, when you have a " foreigner" playing the game. Trains came by and left,the hawkers dint sell their wares but watched us with great intent, probably a new game for the National games, tee hee!!
The return journey was pleasant, we passed Khandala and the tunnel ride turned us to children, we screamed at the top of our voices and ate a lot!
I made a lot of new friends and we did some candid talk and reached Hyd early next morning, said our byes and dint want the journey to end there!!
Office, Office calling all of us, each with a tale and albumful of memories and pictures.
Till then,



Vardhman said...

Wonderfully refreshing the memories, nice post.

Luqman said...

Luv reading her blog while I have a dictionary in hand.

Amazing write up Ki.