This is to do with an article that I read in the Times supplement yesterday about commit-phobics(CPs).Shrinks give funny reasons about someone not committing; about the Alpha male, the lesser said the better and the article veered around women being CPs.
Interestingly, I am confident that I don't have any of the supposed reasons to be phobic about commitment. Yes, I have some of the traits that closely resemble the clinical case of a CP. Does that make me a CP, anyway?
I deem myself academically established, good enough to get a job which takes care of my needs and also others'.I am blessed with some very good friends who genuinely love me, scold me and know their limits when it is family vs. friends and even if they are physically not around all the time, there is no moment I don't remember them.All my idiosyncrasies, stupidities and whimsical nutty stuff go to them 1st and to the trash can, if they deserve to be there. Some of them are a tad possessive about me and my time. I've made them wait for 2 hours and more in rain and shine, ditched them for greater and better things like sleeping and watching TV in the 11th moment(i know, it should have been 'hour'). So, I 'm committed to them, God!I want the same set of friends every life that I have to live until I attain Nirvana.
So, I'm not a CP.
I have a fantastic family, no extensions included, no cousins fit in here.It's Papa,Mama,Bunty and Guddu.They are my life lines for whom the more said, it's still less.
Papa is a hero for me despite the untold miseries he has seen in life, for making me this tough .I promise to complete his vision.
Mama is my friend, elder/little sister and my junk-box for everything, the most punctual Mama who calls me up 4 times a day!!
Bunty is my granny re-incarnate, little sister who is a darling bully!!
Guddu is my adorable bro who is my adopted son, my weakness!We fight the most, I have lost count the number of times I cried and the poor thing had to come and say sorry to me in front of the Khandaan!!
I am committed to my family.
So,I'm not a CP.
My books, I love them and love them in dust and silverfish, the smell of new books, the pungency of old books whose pages turn yellow with time.I don't love books for a reason but I just love them .Papa keeps threatening he will sell them or give away to some ruddi wala, can you beat that, not even a library!!I love running my fingers over the rows of books on the shelves, study-table and in the boxes and blowing the dust, just shows how much I take care of their upkeep ;(
I blow my money in more and more books, I read them or not is another story, but I love to own them, not the run of the mill kinds or pulp fiction, just plain good reads, a little thought provoking and a collector's rare find!!
I'm committed to my cause.
So, I'm not a CP.
I wish to own a pet but I don't have the time he/she will require, not fair,right? My folks think I lack discipline and pets are champions of discipline :)
Ok, I'll commit to a pet sometime later when I have time, but all of us have 24 hours, what's the problem? There lies the solution.
I'm committed to my garden back home, I ask Mama about my roses, chrysanthemums,my herbs and the potted greens indoors and also, the lucky/not-so-lucky bamboo shoot.
I'm committed to my shells, I keep adding one more to my collection everytime.
I'm committed to morning walks with Papa, the fact that I don't enjoy them that much in the morning is more than made up by the fresh as a daisy disposition I carry the whole day.
Enough said, I'm not a CP.



Suchismita said...

okk.. so that explains the 'committed' status... this explanation was long overdue ;) very very smart... good going !

sonia said...

hmmm, my favorite post till now. I don't have to tell you that it is beautifully written. It made me realise we all are committed to something if not someone.. :)