A good year gone by and a great year ahead!

So 2012 was very,very good. Arjun arrived in style.No hassle,no fuss - more on that later. He was this little heavyweight who knew what he is here for. He was watching movies with us from day 4 of his arrival and what a movie to introduce him to - Rowdy Rathore!

After my nice ManFriday decided to leave for Bombay, i ran into help/maid worries in the peak of my pregnancy and post-delivery.But then, babies bring their own luck come what may. Touchwood, i have a million-dollar angel, ready to mould in whatever way i wanted her to be. She knew nothing when i took her in but she was willing to learn and took care of me, post that. Family and relatives come and go, but she remains.You get the drift.When hubby dear and i have those rare arguments,she ends up crying. She has one landmark statement for me - "Didi, you are serious when you speak to Saab in English." Serious meaning sad,tensed or angry.

Hubby dear got our favourite big car, we have done 3 road-trips already - one by ourselves,one with family and one with friends. And, the list of 'where next?' is getting longer!

I have a learner's licence now!I know how to drive, technically and practically. I still need to practise to be a pro.Hubby says, it will take a year and i believe him.

2 weddings in the family - and babies already on the way! Isn't that awesome?

Arjun continued to regale us. When he was just a month old, he had his first flight and he was very chilled out, no mid-air drama!And, he was equally comfortable in the Mumbai locals.

Time for Arjun's passport. And thus, photo time!The very decent passport photo that we have is the result of 20 minutes of struggle at the studio. A point came when the very patient photographer nearly lost it - 15 takes and 15 expressions and none of them Passport-worthy! Finally,hubby alone knows what magic he did, the 16th take was okayed! And, oh yes! His passport arrived in good time.

His mundan ceremony took us to MP, the land of his father and forefathers- very calm and imposing.It was heartbreaking to see him give up those lovely silken locks which i took care for months since his birth. It was also our long due meet-the-relatives trip. We had a gala time!

And, in all these, our very dear friends were not far behind. A very dear friend about my age has adopted a big grown-up girl. And, both of them want to study! A few fell in love and also, moved on. Two got engaged.Yet another fought through work stress to be a super fit person. Some of my lovelies are raising  beautiful children and spreading so much cheer. We don't get time to speak everyday but we don't forget to remember them in our prayers and join them in their celebrations and victories and be there in times of difficulty.

Personal goals got mashed a little here and there. I couldn't devote much time to fitness but thanks to my Arjun, he makes me run, sometimes crib. I promise to read a little this year.

Yes, wanted to end this on a super-high note.I went berserk talking to weavers of Chanderi and Maheshwari saris and came home with 9 breathtakingly gorgeous saris,4 lovely dovely dupattas and  plenty of other knick-knacks.And,i didn't make hubby go bankrupt.

By the way, 2013 has just begun.

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