Amar, Akbar and Anthony

More often than not, the 3A's contemplated running away from everything as an answer to all their nagging extensions. They get proper attention and are among the rare privileged few to have done things together from attending seminars to setting any place on fire, metaphorically! They got jobs at relatively the same time and quit from them at the same time.There is something very funny and quixotic about all these incidents but the tendency to get bored oh-so-easily cannot be missed, that has been a major shortcoming in all 3 of them :(

As pro-feminists, they been responsible for snubbing all prospective smooth talkers and responding in stylised Urdu shayri which puts to shame all the collected limericks of the so-called.One A does not know Urdu as much as she loves to pretend to understand the nuances of it, but she manages to do the same with her limited vocabulary in English, the only language which allows her to be idiosyncratic and more idiosyncratic.All 3 do not appreciate people who try a little too hard, that is competition and they hate competition coz they don't like to be rats, competition is for rats :)

They have major adjustment problems and the solution is nowhere to be seen, the 2 A's are very protective of the youngest A and think of that A as a wild child who flies off the handle at the drop of a hat. This A passes judgments at the snap of a finger and she dotes on them selectively and exclusively, thanks to her non-availability of time.

Akbar loves to be a mendicant, she gets a tremendous kick by playing the under-privileged, it is so amusing to see her modesty and honesty at that effort and how she moves in elite circles, learn as you earn and earn as you learn, that is for you, dear lady!! She overthinks too much, already thinking is painful enough.I admire her idiosyncratic sense and her ability to identify with anyone of her ilk, not all of us can do that!

Anthony used to be a sheltered naive good girl, good girl she still is but no longer naive. She kicks ass with detailed elegance and a long silence before the storm is enough warning for you. We are a mutual admiration society- we call ourselves Boho-chics, how much Boho we only know.She thinks I am a wilder side of her, maybe she is right. I imbibe a lot of things from her, her sense of judgment and choice is amazing!She is my numero uno!!

Amar is the wild child who is a good girl at home, very obedient and fearful of her father. She talks crap all the time, people think she is intelligent, maybe they do that to humor her or fan her ego which by far is the largest in the universe!! She is a bull-dozer of the highest order, loves to bully and destroy her opponents and potential ones with a murderous fury of her non-stop chatter. She knows how to hide what from whom and for how long. She is an emotional fool.She is thinking all the time, what and why, please refrain from asking, it's hazardous to all kinds of health.

For you A's...

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