Marriage jitters for the to-be-s

It's wedding time for most of my friends only to remind me that my tribe of singletons is only getting depleted day by day :) What i am happy about all these happy occasions is they are all love marriages approved by family and fiercely protective people getting a lil' edgy about their identity and entity, and also, the new life waiting for them.

First, a couple of my very(very) good friends from college,both girls told me they had no idea they had 'fallen' in love and before they are out of it, the respective guys decided to solemnise it in marriage with the eternal hope that it will be the beginning of a happily ever after.Agreed.
Second, the forging and belief that all will be well after this gives you renewed hope that all shortcomings and personal inequations,if any, is trivial in the name of love or whatsoever.
Third, what is most important is the strength to give up so many labels and be all prepared to accommodate, allow and welcome another person who you so much love in your life forever.

Some of us defer marriage for various reasons.The discourse will only get more earfuls with time as it is the most talked about issue for all time.Let me dedicate an earful some other time.
For now, here is wishing all the going-to get married lovebirds a great future.I know it's scary even though you know the person inside out and outside in(?) when one morning you wake up and find out that you have been left to fend for yourself in a totally new environment, you do not know how to address each other, there are a score of eyes watching you and another hundred anxious ears waiting to hear that you are OK.Even though you planned where,when,what,why and how things should be done, there will be hiccups but that is what you have waited for so far.Things can no longer be quiet, they will only get noisier and chirpier.

Enjoy the affair for life.

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sonia said...

I really liked this one, and it is so true. An affair for a life time.. Tooo goood K :)