Role games that we play

So many small moments and trivial thoughts burden you knowing very well that despite bothering so much or breaking your head, they just don't go away.
The burden of playing roles and living them properly is a painful one. In cinematic language, we call it getting into the skin of the character.
Our plight is like God in whose name all the denominations and religions fight holy wars and crusades.A friend of mine explained to her 9 year old son who God is- " Son, your papa calls me Mini, you call me Mama,your grandpa and grandma call me Sweety.To your uncles and aunts,I am Mini-chi and your cousins,Tim and Ria call me Mini-aunty."
"So many names,one person!!"
"Exactly, have I changed for anyone???"
I could not agree more.Life is a huge play, you become tragic at times and overflowing with comic humor and pathos with the way life treats you. Often, you are overcome with tragedy only to tide it over with moving on and doing the same mundane stuff and doing something different to cheer yourself.
A lil' girl grows up like a cocooned soldier for whom to be careful was more important than being adventurous.She went along life's way where the good word was if you cannot be good, try and be careful.
Listening to her folks comes like breathing to her and also,violating their word too.She is an amazing sister and a caring daughter.
She is a great friend, you just have to call her up and she is there for you.She is a gorgeous woman I know and she is a fiercely protective lover, I can bridesmaid-vouch for her.
She is a superwoman at work and also, studies a lot like you and me.
How many heartbreaks and heartaches I cannot anticipate, she cannot play God but she is not less than a Goddess, she is my Diva.
I talk to her for hours everyday, fight with her and also, tell her as I'm scribbling some insignificant letters that all will be well, she can fulfill her dreams without having to lose her sleep and also, so many people love her, their prayers surely will lead her through the tide.
She does not know if she should let others know what she thinks about them, she definitely cares a lot but has anyone thought about what she goes through trying to play her roles efficiently?So many expectations and just one frail body and a mighty heart and a generous soul.
I know you have your protected world, your frustrations and there are days when you just wish you could run away to some den, almost magically.You just wish you could do all the judging for one day and not let people talk about it or ever mention again.You just want a royal treatment for some whimsical reason and still laugh off to sleep.
I have seen her tending to her hurts all by herself and not telling anyone what and how she feels.
She makes mistakes just enough to learn from them and not regret them.
Have you met her lately??
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