Khandala visited- part 1

7pm- we reached the Begumpet station amidst all fanfare and food from TGIF, missed the caricature bit tho'!!little did we know what was in store for all of us!!we all became caricatures of chance, actually!!
a major communication gap landed us with 10 confirmed seats and 35 no-seats, instead of 45 confirmed seats and 10 cancelled tix, oh no!!simplification went really awry, bigtime :(
it was a test of nerves, as in how many of us were actually (not merely mentally) prepared to take the ordeal.
the railway minister would be really proud of us, we lodged 20 people in the 10 confirmed berths and the rest, some 18 brave hearts made our way to the lousiest, busiest,dirtiest, filthiest,stinkiest and whatever into India's most famous railway human zoo, otherwise known as general compartment and i won't say i was shocked or anything, i asked for it. every station was a glimmer of hope for us, some good Samaritan would vacate his/her seat and we get transported like rice sacks there.finally made our way into decent space after 90mins, less fortunate ones were sent back and some clueless about who is where and therefore, ended up spending the entire night there, and the hide and seek game with the TT is the most trite thing we have ever done!! :)

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Vardhman said...

Wow! the more I know abt the trip I feel like having missed so much.

With like minded ppl any sort of troubles are surely no big hindrance to great fun.

Playing hide and seek with TT is indeed fun, personal experience :)