Getting seats,then the assurance that your team members are with you , then the solace that we can enjoy our food and probably catch 40 winks?? actually, the food mela began in the GC, just that we threw our weight most generously and the guys there must be wondering from which zoo did we come, remember Madagascar??
the sleeping bit was a little annoying,i fear the death of some mortals, i am sure in the next realm of existence/non-existence, they na...too bored to finish the tale :}
the resort is good given the khandala trappings, nice pool, water area, and a sweet courtyard kinda concrete lawn.
30 mins of freshen-up time took an hour and 15 mins for the GUYS!!! each of them thought he is the next Aamir Khan with or without Rani Mukerjea, so the look and the whatever ;)
got a natural jacuzzi treatment at the waterfalls, the slimy boulders in and outside et al..Gujju thali in a different end of the town, lot of monkeys to provide us the obvious bit of awe that we actually are their descendants, Darwin, thou is really great!!
from there, some more places, lots of sunscreen and vada pav n bhutta. i also got 3 flutes of varying shapes and sizes, just loved the mere hoot of the flute, my housemates are surely going to throw me out of the house ;)cute ones, they are
amby valley calling...

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