mixed bag

ho hum,woke up before the alarm, getting the ablutions right is so important, i packed and unpacked my stuff at least 3/4 times just to get economize space.
S- was watching me with her delirious morning sleepy eyes, probably the thought sinking that i will be gone in less than 24 hours, she looked so cute :)
i was racing against time to get my morning purrfect, but missed the yummy dosas and the kokum chutney...had to make do with good ol' cornflakes and healthy fruit ;)
V-my crazy friend, we had high tea together, she is a feisty lady who is paranoid about so many things(i have lost count, actually!), it's time she woke up and shook herself from her midsummer slumber, i will take her shopping, she will wake up with the bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;P
las la bonita, no salsa lessons, late dinner, late nite chats and early morning rush :(...by afternoon, me and my new home, with my new family, hehe!! so much shopping left, and bank balance just diminishing by the minute, me and my spendthrift ways, have to do something about it :(
good weekend, i should have cleared a lot of clutter by Monday and lots to write about, keep inspiring and spread cheer :))
क iran (trying to sign in my signature) yayyy!!! succeeded

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