amby valley is like beverly hills apparently, 12 kms away. good for drives amidst the quiet table mountain/plateau effect, lost in the misty fog and the wild yellow flowers.
even bhuttas and chai come for a price,truly!!bhuttas cost 15 bucks each and tea for a sip is 7 bucks, but refreshingly a nice find in an otherwise deserted stretch.
the evening never saw the promised bonfire, the wood was kinda not readily available and the plywood planks would not help us either, and to help/worsen things we used up a diet coke can of petrol to start one but the reverse of where there is smoke, there is fire did not happen much to our disappointment, so the bonfire...
some of us laughed our hearts watching honeymoon travels for the how many'th time and some others enjoyed a talk under the starry sky amidst the few number of palms, a handful were seen going to the market for a bottle of beer and a lot of them played bluff and some great souls slept after a grand bath.
i was glad i made the trip despite the ticket disaster, saw a lot of capacity and patience in most of us and also, the mean side of some of us.yes, it was a good review time for myself, coz i had plenty of me time despite being in the crowd and it felt kinda good to gently ignore the shortcomings of so many of us and also, to accept each creation, male and female, that it is anyway a manifestation only, can't get more complex than what it is already.the good sleep i had that night was relieving coz indian idol had made me sad.i found out there are greater cacophonies in this world actually than crows, these girls can just about kill you with their remixed version. see, singing is for people who love singing not for those who love to seek ATTENTION, whew!!a couple of friends threw some coins to prevent them from further singing

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