saffron,green and white...a day before

it's been ages i saw a live march past,with the biggies taking salute and the sacred yard unfurling and the crushed flowers streaming in the misty air of an early august morning to the sound of the bugle.then 52 seconds of solemnity...lots of doves flying,sweet fragrance of mogra and marigold,dahlia wafting in the air and sweets waiting to be distributed.
now,lived an odd quarter of a century..seen more holidays than independence days, me rephrase...bandhs and curfews,flags looked good in govt.buildings and universities and VIP cars,today i see festoons,balloons and mini flags of patriotism all over,all around...everywhere and just everywhere...i love my office space today :)
suddenly,everyone is so full of national josh,you can see the saturated and spontaneous feelings of desh bhakti,naah,i am not getting cynical,i just love to see all of us being so nice and nicey on the eve of 15th aug,why can't it be like this the rest of the year??
is progress affected when you are nice and nicey,don't know!!at least,let's stop being pseudo-nice,it's better to be indifferent,honesty still is the best policy in moderation.let's re-inforce the pledge where all indians are my brothers and sisters,yeah actually...
happy independence eve


Vardhman said...

good post but I cud only agree partly.

First off, All that stuff abt missing the parade and all is very true, I miss going to watch those parades in my own town where they were considered a big event and everyone care to attend them.

Secondly, its not a bad thing to have some partriotism feeling (even if they are just transient), I don't think ppl show off or anything as such, all have sweet memories of childhood and specially that particular age when u decide join the Army or do something great for the country, just that the environment on this day revives them.

Even at this age, you consider ALL indians brothers and sisters :) ? Be serious.

Sana said...

thanks vardhman,
i am not against display of national feelings, transient or not transient, i did say...i like my office space coz its so colorful and wat u missed is y cant we be nice like that always, don't u think it's like celebrating Christmas 1ce a year and crucifying Christ the rest of the year with our fake smiles, there are exceptions though!
most times, we prefer to be pseudo and all dat, i wish it was 15 aug all the time, but they say, all good things must come to an end, so like that...
in this AGE, yes, i still consider ALL indians as my fellow bros and sisters, coz methinks like that, and i am very serious about it!! ;P