a day after...

don't know how many of us watched TV to listen to 52 secs of जन गन मन. It is 6o rocking years with a lady president in tow,wow!! not a pseudo-feminist, just pro-woman and not anti-man either!! Just felt good and gooder, as in better and nicer :)
back home, as usual the magpies enjoyed more freedom than rational self-thinking creatures, the city was clamped down with curfew, it was raining and all working/non-working students, teachers, office-goers, biz folk, cobblers, coolies, road-side tea hawkers, and also, hawkers had a forced holiday...some could have gone fishing and caught up with their tuitions and the rest could have earned one more day's shillings.
here i am, did nothing major or significant, took a pledge to educate/ literate the daughter of the cook of my present lodgings. The idea is as convoluted as my sentence, hope i can achieve that, she knows one language and i know quite some, the problem is there is no LCM, forget HCF :(
trying to cut down on my sleep, which is quite an appetite in itself, hehe!!

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