Lift Dynamics

Lift dynamics was the conversation at breakfast some weeks ago. What natural laws determine how people stand and how people come in, make way/space to accommodate movement is interesting.

I find the Vodafone ad amusing where a young jobless man gets an SMS alert that he would meet his intended in/on the lift. He did, at the fag end of the day.

You have an array of lifts/elevators at your press and call. You step into one and realise it is going up and not down, uhuh. Then you want to go up and no lifts come, eh!

First, it is a very democratic place. All are welcome and no one is discriminated. Come one, come all, but the minimum number of people should be 12-20 and the total combined weight should be below a certain gravitational acceptance.

Preferentially, I am not for lifts. I have some weird experiences with lifts- either they go spiralling like some horror/thriller and it refuses to stop at the floor I wish to stop. I like running up the stairs and beat the lift at its job. I have done that many times in the past. I would continue doing so until we shifted to a floor above the ground. Now the picture is different, I love my stroll from the ground floor to the desk and vice versa.

Picture this, some 10-11 heads or 2-3 heads all in a motionless reverie-staring at blank spaces waiting for that number to pop up at their desired floor. Ding!!

The haste and hurry to procure feet space and some breathing albeit the sonorous heartbeat is fleeting but you are more than relieved to be out of the lift with the steel walls around you and a panel which acts as your guide and key to your way out. Some people enjoy the scents and sights. Often women seem to enjoy the strong cologne that wafts through the lift-y atmosphere. In a way, it is uplifting and invigorates the senses. I am not sure if I should mention about men enjoying the same. Sometimes you are in for hard luck when you have to bear BO and bad hair days.

Watching shoes, sandals and clean feet is another fetish. Pedicured or not, smelly types or not, short clipped toe nails or not and you can figure out the rest.

Who is carrying which bestseller? Some open their mouths and confirm any remote doubt that they are dumb. Acting intelligent is taxing and being one is misleading.

Which phone is ringing with the saddest ring tone? Ah, trust the fetish for movie OSTs and all that jazz.

Some friendships happen and some ah-I-wish kinds also happen.

Crazy place, some smile… some don’t. It’s a lil’ better than a crowded bus.

It’s a good place to practise meditation, standing, no talking and only breathing, probably pranayam!!

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