From BC to AD

Last week was 10,000 B.C. and I was really in for a magnanimous disappointment.The movie failed in aesthetic terms, all scum and total humbug I felt so duh!!

You would not believe but GTM got tickets for this in dubbed Hindi/subtitled(?),no clue but we were a bunch who so wanted to watch the super duper mind blowing effects.

There were a lot of mud packs (wonder they were made of sandalwood or clay). Krishna’s useful tidbits on face packs and facials were really informative. The woolly mammoths look so sweet and the Egyptian civilization twist is a real twister. Anyway, forgettable remembrance it is. Rohan, the gentle giant warned me about it but heed is something I don’t care a hoot. Coincidentally, the movie has loose adaptations from the Hindu epic Ramayana like the kidnap drama; the pack of tribal foot soldiers reminds us of Sugriva’s Vaanar sena. The protagonist is the son of a self-exiled tribal leader, reminds one of Ram and Laxman,yeah? The odds in both parallel cases are kinda similar but the weights do shift.

Tribal instincts are so similar all across the world. Bollywood sentiments also did not fail to penetrate. The heroine falls prey to a devastating poisoned arrow shot by her jealous captor who proclaims like one of those jilted second fiddles that, “if she is not mine, she cannot be yours too!” Old mother sacrifices her life and pawns her soul for the dying soul. Happies ending! I felt so triumphant, I clapped in sheer joy, no tears flowed but Somu da was a tad amused and asked me not to embarrass him. Anyway.

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