27 dresses and more...

It’s been sometime I watched a proper (bubblegum, popcorn, mineral water) light romantic comedy.

27 dresses is delightful, it is refreshing. It is also a tried and tested formula which will never go wrong, slightly Cinderella-like. Katherine Heigl who plays Jane is an amazing actress, quite turning out to be a winsome response with all her natural bonhomie with down to earth features and acting prowess. In Knocked Up, she had played this never going wrong career woman whose one night stand in a drunken moment goes horribly awry and her coming to rude terms with a less than average father, partner and whatever.

27 dresses is about unspoken truths. The moot point raised by the ‘cynical’ Kevin that the wedding industry flourishes in health and happiness is so obnoxiously true. My dad always told me hanging and marriage go by heaven. Why do we plan and rehearse so much for that Kodak moment? I wish I had an answer. All brides want to look their best and the fanfare is just justified.

The movie made me laugh at human foibles and the helplessness that comes with the package. A girl who dies for friends and is willing to spend $300 a night to shuttle between two places, has held/helped her over drunk friend in the commode so that things are fine to the point of wearing the bridal dress to see if it fits well. She has lived and died the life of a bride so many times before the 28th one.

Call it love or infatuation, she just goes all starry eyed at the drop and mention of her boss’s name(George), deservedly gets slapped by her best friend and hurt by her younger sister. You still love her even when you know she should not be picking up the laundry and selecting which tie to wear. I felt so vindicated when she quits after her boss says he loves her because she never says no. What the hell! The naah kiss with the boss is just an exaggeration.

Facing the truth never came easy. Kevin (James Marsden) played a resident scribe cum dashboard, breaking bubbles and busting misconceptions. The plot being predictable had nothing new to offer but old things in a new package is always a consumerist phenomenon.I just love the way she shrieks, “we are gonna die, we are gonna die” when she gets the car badly trapped and skidding in the rain and, also like her instinctive “don’t say anything”. Kevin is silenced anyway.

Your younger sister (Tess) can never be eternally punished even if she is a super bitch who does anything to get your dream man, why? Because all she wanted was to become like you, aww! That was supposed to make you feel bad and sad about being nasty to her to teach her a lesson. Patch-up!

All’s well that ends well. All hopeless eternal romantics go home re-affirmed that someday, you will land the best alternative who is someone you were not looking for or never imagined to go home with but well, you happened to meet and well, well who likes to look at you the way you always want to be looked at.

The best line is the response to the question- “don’t you have needs?” and dear Jane quips matter-of-fact, “no, I am Jesus.”


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