I met with indifference, I defeated that with persuasion.Smiles and smiles, sometimes that can be misread-you are either dumb, appear to be or you are agreeable.Does being rude and firm help?? If a request cannot be appreciated, then arm twisting tactics are not welcome either.Anyway, any assumption is OK as long as your rootedness is not removed, let's keep human rights/assessment/judgment out of it.Sometimes, the other person's ignorance can be BLISS and cannot be blissful.Ouch!!

It's a week now, away from the familiar driver honks and curry pata, the ammas and the akkas and everything that describes what I call a temporary home away from home. It's a bizarre feeling of happiness or confused thrill to live life out of a suitcase.My laundry, upkeep of my den and my food taken care of in almost religious loyalty by a bunch of dedicated souls for a living back home. All of us are similar in the respect of a forever displaced sense, away from the familiar.It is up to us, what we do with where we are and all that. I love the getting away from the familiar and the brief interlude, it does you a world of good.

You have only you and no other support system per se.You have a phone which becomes more important than your life, there are some regular compulsory calls that you cannot do without. Getting home before the cows and the sun do is a major competition, I lose most times. The crash and bang of headlights, life gets cheaper than share prices. The rickshaw puller needs to hang on for a couple more people to make his day's wages meet his needs, his feet are frozen and heels cracked but his work must go on.
The watchman is warmly padded and never fails to say "good morning, madam" but he also wishes to be lost in the slumber of warmth in this chilly weather but the call of duty,or is it Karma??

Talking of karma is like dharma. Playing with loaded words is dangerous and more so, if you are not comfortable with what you are playing with. I keep it simple, I don't need any sadhguru to explain this to me, this is what I learnt from life in general. Karma is what you do, so do it right and Dharma is what you ought to do, so do it right.In any case, you have to do it right, right??
Ok, that's about it.

Life is not all dal and vegetables, it's amusing too with the anthropological confusion you can throw people at. It's not all that jazz all the time but it's a different perspective, and that is an experience for a lifetime, it is scary and one can get scarred. Any remedy other than playing safe, being careful and being a brave chicken??

Seeking answers.
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