Flights of whimtasy

On board the airbus, the stewardess strikes a professional pose and asks me, "madam, veg or non-veg," loud enough for the whole aircraft to hear, I smile at her and give my preference.
I had asked for a window seat or an aisle seat, hard luck the options were equally bad!!So, i travel sandwiched between a European gentleman and a young techie who was one his way to the States. He seemed super excited, he even remarked that the earphones would come in a pouch, what had become of them, displaying familiarity earns you brownie points and more smiles per hour. Trying to get started with the air premiere of Lage Raho Munnabhai was a comedy in itself,everyone was laughing aloud oblivious to the fact that no one heard them, :D

I jacked the earphones and went off to sleep, when I woke up food was being served and madame in short skirts asked me tea or coffee, black tea any day.The dragging of the food cart and the petulant demands of my co-passengers make this hospitality in the air a sad job, I don't feel it's rewarding in a wholesome manner except for the free travel from here and there. The diva like countenance and the layer of pancake, the 2/3 min sari wearing time, those nicely done hair, flashy pearlies and dazzling smiles are all good, very good and nice indeed but given the primitive mess of a discriminatingly male dominated whatever, I wonder how many of us really feel good about a profession like this.It's not all eyewash or hogwash but you always have a flip side.

I am pretty sure of the tilted ratio and preference of young girls, smartness and confidence notwithstanding by certain fliers. Not a bad scene since the concerted efforts are to maintain a healthy Customer Satisfaction. Anyway, a couple of suited-booted grumpy males gave some unnecessary trouble to the lady in short skirts, patient she was. When suggestion time came, yours truly was totally and not unceremoniously though, ignored over some tweed clad loudmouth, who spoke in a fake pseudo accent of some fringe LA county. Ok, I am not depressed at the state of affairs, hehe. I am practicing my smiles and my generosity with ignorant lesser mortals, simply ignore!!

Girl in short skirts must have been around 21/22. Just a wild thought, what would it be like if there was tipping in the aviation industry, how self-esteem(s) would be outraged and blah blah!!
She got a nasty suggestion, improve your body language, be more forthcoming and I like your smile kinds, I quite forgot to react at the reaction coz' all that she asked was in black and white and not a loud declaration, sad looneys!! Anyway, all I would have put is "No complaints, amazing service!!" She deprived me and that deprived me in some way of a duty/responsibility.

She was more than happy to have all of us thrown off board when our destination arrived. Having to deal with an airbus of mad people who all have their side of success stories and attitude full of temperaments is not an unusual cup of tea for her and her ilk. I admire her calmness and that gentle red that fades into anger management and a forced smile for the sake of greater things in the pipeline.

Smiles,not triumphant today.
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