Colgate Free Dental Check-up

This is rather old,, decided to write about as I was clearing the inbox of my mobile number. Have been meaning to write about these 2 funny and conflicting SMSes I got.

There was this ad splashed in all the major newspapers sometime in the 2nd week of September, inviting SMS registrations from one and all  for a free dental check-up by Colgate in their respective cities.Now who does not know Colgate and her credentials? We had to SMS the city that we belonged to, to a number - 567625. 

Ok, I am able to retrieve the date - it was 11th Sept'10. I SMSed my location to the said number and within a minute I get the reply - "Sorry! The Oral Health Month activity of Colgate has concluded in 31st Oct 2010.Visit for  more details." 
Yes - on 11th Sept'10, I get a SMS informing me the camp got over already.

Anyway, with as much cynicism I carried about the chores of the day when another SMS beeps. Again, from the same number,only this time it says - "Colgate free dental check-ups from 1st Sept 2010 to 31st Oct 2010 for Hyderabad
Call Dr.R,Ajaykumar 55637696,9885195612,,
Ganesh Ramesh 66834298,9866044298
Shilpa A Reddy 23553375,23303085"

I did not want to attend the camp anymore.I finally did not.

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