Four weddings and a Funeral

An autumnal winter welcomed me,
For a lovely wedding,typically Indian.
Where the boy meets the girl amidst families and blessings.
Life begins on an arranged note.Rehearsed.

Seven years is brave for love to be as fresh.
Does your man cook dinner for you today?
Life is hopeful, circumstances tougher.
Advised to be married and followed.Exotic.

A father's delight.A mother's pride.
Their daughter is an MBA.Applied for PhD.
The day approaches, the watches are matching ones.
She is just a kilometer away in the same neighbourhood.Relieved.

The darling of everyone,the labour of their love,
She just learnt how to say, "maasi!" a week ago.
She has gone home after her play.
The playground does not look the same.Tragic.

A summer wedding, maybe.
A winter one,hopefully.
When is it happening?
Coming soon!
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