Betraying Judas

Betrayal is as old as time. Life betrays us when time is up yet we choose to celebrate scores of birthdays. There is a Judas in every atom and aspect of existence.Failed love stories is a classic metaphor. Even blood relations have not been spared. One can only move on and oh yes, cheer up, like my dad says the worst is yet to come.

Being Judas is a way of life for some, a cultured practice for some, and a survival instinct for many. I don’t know my Scriptures enough to wonder if Jesus was emotionally attached to any of his disciples. We know the Son of God loves mankind and died for them.

Being cold and mercurial is a dynamic trait, and if one is philanthropic, quite a toast! What about the less ‘fortunate’ kindly kindred who can’t be Judas and who are emotionally attached to what they do and for whom they do?

Close Judas encounters and heartburn in and around, and a heart-to-heart with a much loved one revealed that it is not a joke to be going through this upheaval time to time. Call it tragic flaw, some of us are little Christ figures. There will be frayed cheating cases but the degree of hurt and scar is much deeper in case of a Judas middling our affairs. More often than not, enemies don’t betray us. It is always people who are extremely close to us, who we are very fond of who take it upon them as a moral birthright to do a Judas. It is a battle of wins and losses, in the end. I see the ruins around me and yes, with a fair share of blame on Judas, I move on. The healing is slow and painful but it does not take away whatever life I have in my hands. It is not so big to bug the rest of my life, at least I choose and want to believe that. But I also do not want to sound like the classic deer that closed her eyes to sinister trouble around me.

Coping with betrayal is not easy. Some go into some emotional exile. Some erase trust and faith from their very existence. Some say, if you can’t beat the enemy, be with the enemy- we have more Judases. Some try to forget. Some struggle to forgive. Some consider revenge. The hurt is enormous, a lesson for a lifetime. Such is the scenario with every betrayal. We commit the same gross life threatening blunder of getting betrayed again. We also betray, sometimes out of choice and sometimes, due to circumstance. Does a Judas deserve a justification? Does a Judas have a conscience? Why can’t one listen to conscience before doing a Judas?

You know what, what goes around comes around.

There is a cosmic payback time.

Why change and harden oneself for a breed of hyenas?
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