Reading the daily forecast in the newspaper is such a drama. But whatever you say, we all routinely grab today’s newspaper and go thru’ the horoscope section. Some of us want to believe that everything is true, some don’t. Some take all that with stacks of salt and some trash it. My mother will call me at odd hours asking me to tune in to Aaj Tak at so and so time in the morning. That certain learned one aka Panditji is very accurate with his bhavishyavani. There is also a follow-up call. Geez!

I don't remember visiting any soothsayer, astrologer or any parallel creature in my entire life for all that jazz.At the time of birth and after, there was a terrible mix-up and wrong foretelling and reading of my birth chart. For want of money or patronage, two astrologer brothers almost killed each other and half cursed all elements around for not proving their words. Two other astrologers confirmed the "correctness" of the birthchart I have now. The annual appointments and visits to them increased over the years and also, the talisman count. My waist had a nice band of amulets and charms, and a big copper drum used to adorn my left arm. I hated wearing anything around my neck. One astrolger, Late Pandit Lila Saikia 'predicted' I was going to be a big lazybones, I am J . My parents had nightmares that my laziness was going to be my undoing and all. Now tell me, has anyone been spared by laziness? May Pandit Lila Saikia's departed soul and now re-born soul be at peace. Your words "came true". The lovely waist band of amulets and the arm band is at the bottom of Wards’ Lake

You come with a certain fate or destiny written by that someone up there right from a dog-bite to death. If we knew all, living would become so mundane, cautious and cowardly. No offence but correction of certain celestial positions due to alternative consultation is, in my opinion, going against the laws of nature. You wear this stone to avoid this ill luck and that, to prevent accidents. Your hand is loaded with gems and lookalikes of all hues and prices. There is a halo of protection that you like to believe it exists. It’s a placebo effect for some, for some almost hypnosis. For some, a maddening religion to the point of voodoo and magic, let’s not get to the blackness and whiteness of it.

Trusting your actions and a strong faith in whatever you believe make it easier for me. Look out for signs, listen to your pets (oh, they come with strong intuitions) and listen to your gut feeling, my day almost certainly will not be as apprehensive especially when today’s chronicle tells you not to do this or that. There have been cases when they have repeated say last Monday's horoscope this Wednesday, letter to letter and you feel so betrayed and do nothing but sigh.

A friend of mine tells me believe it if it is positive and makes you happy and not to, when you are scared.

Have you read your horoscope today?

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