Aloha 2009

2008-many good things happened to me- met an engaging 21st century Darcy who is more Wall.E like, a zestful life, “I am feeling lucky”, Ph.D registration, and many small vacations besides visiting home. A good 30 minutes into 2009, I knock a glassful of a diligently prepared drink. Somehow, I retrospect I was not in my elements. No, I am not offering any excuse on the broken glass and all.

I started the day on a great note, wore my heels and went to work. To match the heels well, a short cute skirt and also, a nice top. Besides silent admiration (for the skirt, top or legs, I leave it to you), some sneer and banter which almost ended in blows between two of my friends, and whistles, I caused some hearts aflutter. So far so good, me thought what better way to end the year.

Until late evening, I didn’t know where and how New Year is going to be like. Thank god for small mercies and patient friends, we made it. Invited a bunch of others. Food, drink, music on Deb’s guitar and lyrics on the Net and conversation- the night was young. A panfire of coal for our bonfire, Suvo refused to part with the kitchen that evening- paneer samosas, chilli paneer, Thai paneer, chilli chicken, Thai prawn curry and what not! He never cooked so madly in life, he blames my skirt! God, scandalous it (the skirt) is! The actual reason is he plans to open a restaurant and he is an amazing cook. You never know when a good time is to encash your latent talent in these days of recession. The rest, well…one sang and sang, another tried to sleep, another could not help but sleep, another was on phone, another in everything and yet another tried to be up to everything.

I have not learnt the manners and mores of drinking. If I did, I would probably have been a lil’ more careful and attuned to where possibly will glasses be. Not near my elbow on the parapet of the terrace. There I twirl and there it swings down, down with the drink, full on. Crash, shards and a troubled soul. Friends laughed, assured me the glass committed suicide. I was not OK after that  that evening.

He and I had a power-packed hurried shopping to picking up friends on the way and also, the champagne and the like. The uncorking of the champagne lit me up but briefly. Not a nice feeling,seriously. Then the glass disaster. Remembered the old wives’ belief that it is a bad omen, some bad news on the way. Tried to sleep, my eyes gave way at 6 a.m. in the morning. Before that, I wept a lot…a lil’ due to happiness and reassurance and a lil’ due to that lurking feeling.

Saturday lunch with a friend gave way to some random talk about the demise of a senior colleague in my team, I was like what!!?? The broken glass haunted me and still haunts me now. This morning, the worst came true. What more, 2009?

In Memoriam.





Neo said...

Could be worst, if 09 never came…

It was just a glass at the end which fell n broke. (BTW, some communities do break glass to mark the occasion…)

Very well scripted,

“one sang and sang, another tried to sleep, another could not help but sleep, another was on phone, another in everything and yet another tried to be up to everything”

Sonia said...

Nice way to bring in the new year. As I told you, don't worry about the broken glass.. Wish you have a great year ahead!

Shailza said...

Wish you Rocking 2009!!!
Btw the new look of your blog is cool :)