Search of a kind

"ek onkar satnam kartapurakh
nirmoh nirvair akaal murat
ajuni sabham
guru parsad jap aad sach jugaad sach
hai bhi sach nanak hose bhi sach
soche soch na ho wai
jo sochi lakh waar
chhupe chhup na howai
je laai har lakhtaar
ukhiya pukh na utari

je banna puriya paar
sahasyanpa lakh woh hai
ta ek na chale naal 
ke ve sach yaara hoi ae
ke ve kude tutte paal
hukum rajai chalna nanak likheya naal"

I was looking for this song like a crazy person the entire day. For lack of understanding the language I was in the wrong direction. Asked friends and even tried calling my Sikh friend in Shillong,she was not at home. My keywords were "gurbani", "satnam sri waheguru", etc and any random search that came close to "satnam". There is something about this invocation. The other invocation that calms me is the Gayatri Mantra. 

When I first heard this, it was some months ago in the movie Rang De Basanti but like I paid attention given my momentary attention span. Then, in a Zee TV serial called Maayka. Both times, I was mesmerised but not attentive enough to probe more.Then Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi took a trip of my memory. Somehow, I was amazed at my inability to spot this sacred gem.

Think-out-of-the-box(a nickname I have given someone) asked me if I had this song especially after our "ji" banter and chat,"Mom loves that number." Very confidently (though I kinda knew this version is not existent in my collection) I proclaimed,"haan..hona chahiye."I will find out. Yes, and I did not find it. :'-( 

A chanced meeting with another dear friend at work, he is a virtual guardian.I ranted my my day's update,just one update only. i could not find this song. He asked me to ask my Google mom, another lovely lady and a spirited Punjaban. We called her, she told me she didn't have it but rendered the first few lines.Gosh! I found it!

My search was over.I found the gem near sometime at sunset.Bugged a couple friends.At peace now.I have midnight  mass to offer. :)

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