The Dear Departed

A sad Monday it was, days die and also, near and dear ones. Memories come flooding of a good friend who we lost to the waters of the Barapani while washing the clothes of someone he lost 2 days ago. It was a ritual to let go of the past and the departed only for him to become a ritual too for his loved ones.

Another tragic news, someone lost her mother. There is a sense of numbness in me too. Death is so terrifying. For all the karmic talk and the abstract that we indulge in, about the eternity of the soul and the forever-ness that we proclaim for/to people we love is so diminishing. However much I hate to believe that birthdays get you older it scares me as much, one more year closer to the inevitable.

People say it is maya, it is fondness and the used-to feeling that we weep/cry at the loss of a loved one. Don’t know what to say. They say, life goes on, does it? They say, you must move on, should I? You only become a picture on the wall, a page in someone’s diary. Darn, I hate to be melancholic but it is true you are there in someone’s tears when you are remembered when that candle is lit or when flowers are laid.

No smiles.

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