Children's day

Many years ago, papa wrote something on this day.I will post it very soon. It was supposed to be an entry at a competition in memory of the late statesman.
In my faint recollection, today,Nov 14 in school used to be the neatest uniform with white socks, no books and that duckback,no tiffins,maybe just a water-bottle.
School is in its festoon best, classrooms flowing with streamers and balloons, the best family-family music blaring from the PA system. Teachers are running from one changing room to another. Today is their day to 'make' us happy and make amends. They sang, they danced, they made us laugh and also, cry.
Lots of food greeted us, the grand lunch and the snacks we saved to carry home to mama and papa,I remember Maggi came to school and we were thrilled to get that free RED fork and also, embarrassing moments when out of sheer excitement, Maggi spilled. I tell you, that Maggi tasted so different from what we have today and Maggi was signature then. To get Maggi for lunch in a casserole or even cold Maggi was a status symbol.
The General Proficiency Prize, the Attendance and Neatness awards. It was such a pride to walk up to the dais, to wait for the school photographer to take that click with the headmistress shaking hands, a touch on the head, a peck on the forehead and cheeks and most importantly, your parents and siblings watching and clapping.
The class party, our contribution used to be 5 rupees per head and we used to get chips and frooti, the rest, Miss sponsored. Along with that, we wanted the most good looking sir in school to sing and dance in our party and not go to the boys' party.
We always got goodies from parents that morning and extra pocket money to flaunt that extra bar of dairy milk and hot chips. Sharing and showing off were part of the game and the fun, to be touching Miss when we danced was such a good feeling. When she came and sat with us, we literally went agog with happiness, can't forget that lingering spell of perfume, that gorgeous lipstick and that nice hair and shoes. Our aim in life was to become like her, same to same.

Happy children's day! In two weeks were the annual exams...

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Hey its me ss! said...

We used to have lots of interschool competitions on children's day. And the whole year I used to wait for the day and get awarded for my paintings :)

Happy Children's Day to you too.