Jab We Met - trailer

It was the year 2007.I never fancied much about Kareena and her talent pool till I 'just felt like' watching Jab We Met(JWM). I always found her a ridiculous Kapoor, like all the filmi Kapoors are.I also thought she did not have much to act and emote in that movie.In hindsight, did she? I feel,it is Shahid's movie. Anyway, posterity will want to remember it as Geet's movie - bubbly, vivacious and infectious- do what the heart says.

My roomie christened me Geet for my non-stop chatter-ability and of course my sunny demeanour. It was difficult to resist but I fell in love with Geet (not Kareena) and also, realised she is not unfamiliar.Until that point of time, my somewhat real and ultimate girl was a mix of Elizabeth Bennet and Catherine Earnshaw. Don't ask me who Scarlett O'Hara is and I am yet to say hello to Rhett Butler.Of course,my potion of going weak in the knees is, again, a mix of Darcy and Heathcliff. Trust English Literature Majors to moon like this.

Geet is a choice in life.We all have a Geet in us.I remember watching the movie like it were staple breakfast.What is it about the movie that stood out? Frankly, I don't want to intellectualise. Also, I made pronounced disclaimers that I would not run away from home to elope with a dabbu like Anshuman and ignore a DDLJ kind of a companion like Aditya who reforms from depressing to dashing dependable.

You know what, subconsciously I was looking for my Aditya.


Anonymous said...

so you found your Aditya?

aushimathakur said...

*Elizabetha Bennet

P and P has been a staple diet since class 9 for me! Could not help but point out! :P

Sana said...

@Anonymous - :O)
@ Aush - oopsies, corrected!