Midnight conversations

A poem
Scenes and flashbacks.
Hide and seek betrayal.
Life on a begging platter.
Diminished but hopeful.

Happiness and flourish.
Speculations ruin.
Promises destroy.
Never look back.

Dignity and truth.
Awareness eases.
You live to smile.
Smile to love.

A promise
Life alone is not easy, so I'm told.Cranky behaviour, panic calls and difficult conversations.Solution, get hitched.Problem,find the right person.A meeting.Laughter, bonhomie.Maybe,maybe not.Sorry,I am cynical.
Yes,buoyant!Coffee.Long drive,no candlelight dinner yet.Shopping,a movie?
Screeecch! No, not happening.Never happening.Broken.No.Taking it easy.
Moral : Whatever happens, happens for the best .

What do you mean by G-O-D? Don't know.G- Generate,O-Organise,D-Demolish.Arey, Brahma,Vishnu, Maheshwar, our Hindu Trinity!All scriptures mean the same.All roads lead to Rome,er..G-O-D.

What goes around comes around.Why you and I met in this world.Surely, a reason.Tch, cliched.Someone asked Goddess Ganga if she does not feel the burden of sins washed into her by mankind.No way, she gives to the Sagar (sea).She has no reason to be burdened.Sagar also did not carry the burden of sins washed down by the three holy rivers - Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati. He gave it back  to the Baadal (clouds). Baadal never kept the burden at all, whoever defaulted - he visited them during the rainy season and wreaked havoc with a little flood here and there.

Awareness of sin is important, acknowledging is even more important.Maharathi Bheeshma Pitamah, the grand patriach of the Kauravas and the Pandavas on his death-bed made of arrows asked Lord Krishna what  he had sinned to deserve this. Remaining silent when a person is wronged amounts to sin.Many years ago, he had diced a snake to death. Two landmark events that went on compounding for lack of awareness.

Never borrow or seek a favour from anyone.The idea of return gifts.Need not be expensive.The thought matters.Be self-reliant. I will give no favour and expect none.

Life is beautiful.

1 comment:

Prashanth said...

"Never borrow or seek a favour from anyone."

Tough words, I would say. hmmm.... what if we replace the word "favour" with "help" (aren't they synonymous?), to go about life without seeking help... is it even possible?

It may be one of those roads better not taken. Just a thought.