Hyderabad Blues - 1

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Hyderabad is in the news for all the not-so-right and wrong reasons. It took so much of divine providence and interference for the Jai Telangana hoola-hoops with KCR, their joker of a leader (who can’t even do a token fast)to cool their heels thanks to a scorching summer ahead--our Indian women are better off- we fast so many times during a week, month and year - by now we should have asked for so so so many states. All Andhras feel wronged and agitated and the blah about the entire issue but the actual and bigger worry seems to be the  fear of enormous benaami being exposed. Rayalseema people also monkeyed around for sometime. MIM got crackling at some point demanding some haq-shaq for minorities and state/UT status for Hyderabad. Not to forget some Sakshi controvery around the YSR  death-accident leading to some conspiracy theory.

The state had to grapple with the Guv caught cavorting like desi Hefner with not one but three women! What a year, 2009 was indeed the jinxed year! The effect continues to haunt us till now. Since then, we have had a new Police chief  and a new and apparently no-nonsense Guv. Late YSR with his mission impossible ways had practically emptied the state coffers and with no legacy to command the same kinda respect and loan(good) will, CM Rosaiah is at his wit’s end. With a sulking smile of an expression, YSR sonny boy Jagan is a confused soul who needs some soul-searching sanyaas to be taken under the wing of his Bro-in-law Anil Kumar. And can you imagine, this first-time MP thought he was CM material. Don’t know but some political mileage was achieved by inducting the YSR widow in the recent cabinet reshuffle. TDP has become a corridor party.

With a threatening summer and annoyingly long power cuts, we are headed for greater days of darkness. Is anyone doing anything? Hello, where are the Jaago Grahak Jaago people? Where is the RTI man? We voted, and the result is before us, power hungry scavengers. I don’t know if it is with the moral fabric of the profession or the kind of people who join the profession. Unscrupulous. And, Barkha Dutt, please don't come to the city and have your discretion on who should be there for your TRP conscious show and where. No one is ready for the truth and those who think they do, and therefore, represent the truth are in a state of terrible denial. Please understand, they have gone mental.

By the way, where is the Indra-man? Filmstar Chiranjeevi turned out to be a wimp. I personally know so many educated but blind fans and political supporters of him from my previous workplace, who are incidentally known to me and alas, I can't even disown them. Everyone has an ulterior motive, dear friends, he is your on-screen hero. With make-up he looks good, did he need to dirty his hands this way, PRP? Anyway, the lesser said, the less controversial. Some followers disappeared, one benefited (I am mighty tickled though!)

Then, Old city got some nazar, Hindus and Muslims (not sure, if the religious identity of the miscreants were checked) got into some religious flag-tearing over some previous and upcoming festival and riots broke out. When did making way for someone become a problem? It spread (or was made and paid to spread, not in that order though) all over, curfew was the next thing. The reports are appalling, an egg came for 9 rupees and half a liter of milk was sold for 50 rupees. You know, no one protested when GHMC workers pulled down all the religious flags, haha!

Blame game, conspiracy theories, we still don’t know the whats and hows of it. Like we care. We care for basic medical and civic amenities, we need our power restored all the time.We are not MNC rich to afford generators-inverters. We hope the labourers don’t lose their daily wages. Manmohan, India Shining? 

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