Pyaar Impossible, really?

The Princess and the Frog-Prince tale retold, Pyaar Impossible revives the boring geek to a respectable winner. He is not an Idiot, he is a desi Woody Allen, clumsy, shy and the perennial underdog. He is not the campus stud, but a nobody who goes, not almost, but completely and immediately unnoticed by which time people have arrived at the famous seven year itch. Abhay and Alisha, poles apart - they went to the same university and as the universe would conspire, end up in the same city totally oblivious of the purpose, if at all. If Priyanka was a natural choice for the super athletic PR hottie popstar, Uday with his unkempt hair and Dilton glasses handled the geeky look with admirable restraint. Uday’s puppy look was perfect and intact, and Priyanka didn’t have to move heaven and earth to look the diva.

There was an era when child artistes from Rishi Kapoor to Imran Khan, attained superstardom for their sheer screen innocence. Today we have Bachhan’s Cheeni Kum Sexy. My eternal favourite has been and will always be Jugal Hansraj in Gulzar’s Masoom. And, this movie by him has one of the worst over smart child artistes. I don’t even care to look up who this wannabe Aishwarya look-alike is. She has light eyes, parlour straightened shoulder length hair and perfectly manicured looks. She is called Tanya Merchant and is a Monster to all the nannies in the world. Her young mom is exasperated but cannot do anything to save her sanity. They actually look like neighbours -aunt and niece. The mom only hugs her and yes, hugs her. Very different from our Pears ad mommy or the perfect Indian Complan mommy. The kid is not “kid” smart and intelligent, she has been given adult lines when she threatens make-shift nanna Uday that she’d call the police and cook a you-know- story of girl alone in the house-predator kinda thing. Which 6-year old can think of something like this, unless she has been watching psycho-thrillers and not doing her homework and craft?

God, I am not going to allow ‘this’ kind of Tanya Merchant bratty arrogance and behaviour and precociousness -- I have very low to zero tolerance for such kids. The teacher in me is so no-nonsense though I wish to maintain that I will aspire to be a liberal but dotingly strict mother. Learning from my mother’s areas of improvements and also all other young, old and middle-aged mothers.

There is nothing special that stands out in the movie, not even Chop(py) Baby’s short and skimpy clothes. Her language was matter-of-fact and very identifiable with the timely "really?" and "Aww, how sweet!"

Anupam Kher just walked in and out of the movie as the mad-looking lost father who loves his son a lot, somewhere he has perfected the art of the mentor-guide role so well. Phenomenal waste.

The toast of the movie is Dino Morea - he looks good when he lusts and still looks good while playing mean. All hardworking people there, you would love to hate the Siddharth Singhs who bury you alive with your consent because you are happy with your principles and your geekiness.

The humour is flat, the takeaway lines very little. Uday did us a good favour by not acting over the top unlike his last adventure in Neal n Nikki. His heart is in the right place, when he says he is a loser. For that pinch of truth, this film is going to do well and recover costs. Don’t expect a double Chopra whammy. Priyanka did nothing but preened her hair. This movie is a patchwork from so many H/Bollywood movies, the Frog Prince fable standing out like standing out.

I yawned a few times in the movie but did not walk out.

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