House hunting- part one

When you are no longer in transit you have to look for personal space.

The house I immediately moved in from the hostel did not last me a month…all the heavens conspired to keep me away from it- some mishap in the form of inadvertent human error in judgement, the away from the maddening crowd kinda funda, MMTs did not look attractive anymore. When enthusiasm is smothered you just lose interest in the things around you. Maybe I was in a hurry or people are slow to decision. In the process, I lost faith and gained some back. Stayed out of a duffel bag, especially with the sensitized Hyderabad blasts and lived like a gypsy despite having a house. I no longer felt like going home to that house, not the house’s fault. Kinda felt weird having to stay with unknowns who never featured in my scheme of things earlier. The house was good, the rent was better, the owner is human and the surroundings nice. A couple of things ticked me off. Those who disappointed have their reasons, you can never question why. To each her own. I had to move away. A friend came. We made the house home for her last couple of weeks in the city. She loved the house as much as I did.

The housing secretary of the apartment made it worse. Probably, he has not seen anyone with fair skin below the knees or calves. This grumpy chap could not convince anyone to occupy his vacant house on rent. So, he picked and picked on me. He gave me a 2 minuteful of dos and don’ts and that it is a family apartment. No hanky panky and whatever he thought of me! I reported the matter to the Professor who took strong exception at the breach of conduct and what happened after that, I don’t know. That is it, I have to move out. I had not unpacked. The kitchen stuff was there…untouched. The bathroom was the only high-activity area. It is summer and whatever. I also spotted a BIG bee hive in the other bathroom. Helped my friend pack her stuff, she was leaving for Delhi. I was lucky to find replacements for the house. Professor was sad, his wife sadder. I am sad too.I missed a trip with my friends in my quest for a house.

Then, another friend called me. We all are so need driven. She needed a room-mate. plus another two.I needed a house, acquaintance only helps. We were anchored.

Jubilee Hills, yay! Housewarming as such we never had, all four of us were so busy, so busy we forgot to talk to one another or if we existed. This house lasted us for 9 months. Three sets of parents came, saw and liked the house. Little did we know that we would give up on this for all sorts of reason. But this house is special.

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